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Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services Include Medication Reminders In Reno, NV

Medication reminders helps seniors with taking all medications on time

Nearly all seniors take multiple medications both for chronic conditions and ongoing illnesses they are dealing with. Some seniors take up to 20 prescription medications and supplements a day. Having such a complicated prescription medication schedule can make it difficult for just about anyone to keep up, but the task is made much more difficult for older adults as they often suffer from disabilities that include cognitive impairment and mobility issues that can make staying on track nearly impossible. If your loved one takes multiple prescription medications a day and you are worried about whether or not they are staying safe, care services can help give you peace of mind.

Comfort Keepers operates in Reno, NV and we can work with your loved one to provide them with just the right senior care services they need to stay safe and relaxed as they age. Our caregivers can help your loved one stay independent as they age by helping them with their prescription medications.

Comfort Keepers' senior care services include medication reminders that will be provided by a diligent and compassionate caregiver. By reminding your loved one to take the right medication at the right time, not only will our caregivers be keeping your loved one on track, they will be helping them stay safe and healthy. As many prescription medication schedules do get quite confusing, this is of paramount importance.

In addition to medication reminders, our caregivers can help your loved one stay safe in a number of other ways when it comes to medication reminders. To begin with, if your loved one no longer drives, our senior care services includes incidental transportation and picking up medication for seniors. At the same time, caregivers will make sure your loved one is stocked up on all medication at all times, ensuring they never run out.

Our caregiver will also follow your loved one closely to make sure they are not developing any dangerous prescription medication side effects. If they notice anything unusual, they will react quickly and contact their general practitioner. If need be, they can also take your loved one to the emergency room, but hopefully it will not come to that. However, you will rest easy knowing there will be someone there to react quickly should the need arise.

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