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Comfort Keepers In Home Care Services Include Meal Preparation and Feeding Assistance

Assistance from in home care providers can make mealtime enjoyable for seniors in Dayton, NV

If you are looking for an in home care provider who can assist with meal preparation and a multitude of other valuable services, consider working with Comfort Keepers.  Our team of caregivers ensures that your senior loved one is eating delicious, home cooked meals that provide the nutrition required to be as healthy as possible.  During the entire meal preparation process, we ensure that your senior loved one is an active part of the process if they want to be.  Comfort Keepers realizes how important diet is to health quality and we are able to customize our services in order to meet certain guidelines set by you or a dietitian.  We can even provide feeding assistance, medication reminders, and encourage family members to stop over to sit down to eat with their senior loved one.

The first step of preparing a delicious meal involves going to Smith's Grocery Store in Dayton, NV so we can choose between a diverse selection of ingredients.  During this process, we are able to bring your senior loved one out into the community with our transportation assistance.  We encourage seniors to assist with designing meals and picking out ingredients.  At the end of the day, we encourage nutritious food choices that will have the greatest overall effect on their health.

When it comes time to put together a delicious home-cooked meal, our caregivers encourage your senior loved one to be an active participant.  In most cases, clients enjoy taking part in the meal preparation process and are encouraged to be as active as they want to be.  During this time, caregivers are able to bond with clients and improve life quality through their companionship.  We realize that all projects that we participate in with clients are far more enjoyable when we are both in the moment.

As with all other aspects of in home care that our team of caregivers offers, our meal preparation service can be customized.  We encourage you to tell us exactly what kind of food is best for your senior loved one.  In addition, we are able to follow the dietary guidelines set forth by dietitians or doctors in order to improve the health of a client.  This is a big reason why many family members choose to work with us, as we are able to cater to each individual client and work with family members in order to provide the most beneficial care possible.  Our caregivers are also able to provide feeding assistance, medication reminders, and any other services in order to make our client's life better.

The in home care that focuses on meal preparation is based on companionship.  After a meal has been served, caregivers from Comfort Keepers sit down with a client and discuss what is on their mind.  The best part of eating is enjoying the experience with someone else.  In order for clients to enjoy mealtime to the fullest, our team of caregivers encourages you and other family members to stop over to eat.  In many cases, your beloved senior simply wants to spend more time with family members and doing so around the dinner table is a memorable experience.  

If you are looking for more information regarding the benefits of in home care provided by Comfort Keepers in Dayton, NV, please contact us at (775) 273-6192.


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