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Important Legal Considerations For Seniors & Older Adults In Reno, NV

Comfort Keepers can help your family set up in home care for seniors

When you start discussing in home care for seniors with your loved one, you may also want to touch upon another important subject - legal considerations for seniors. You should start by asking your parent if they have prepared any legal documents regarding their future care in advance.

Some seniors have all their documents in perfect order before they even need any assistance, but if your loved one hasn't really thought about legal issues, now is the time to provide them with the necessary information and help them decide what documents they wish to prepare.

To begin with, your loved one needs to understand why they should deal with legal matters before they start receiving in home care for seniors. Namely, if anything happens to them and they are not well enough to make rational decisions for themselves, they will want to have legal documents that state their wishes in such situations. If you and other family members know your parent's wishes and have them in writing, you can act on their behalf and make sure those wishes are respected at all times.

The next step is for your parent to talk to their legal team. If they do not have an attorney, they can visit the American Bar Association's website and find relevant information about legal considerations for seniors. They can also find lawyers who specialize in elder law in case they are ready to prepare their documents or if they need more information or advice.

According to our experts from in home care for seniors, your loved one should state their medical wishes and instructions through health care directives: living wills and durable power of attorneys. While a living will features detailed instructions on medical care, a durable power of attorney is a health care proxy who can make decisions instead of your loved one if they are unable to decide for themselves. It is recommended to have both of these documents. Keep in mind that if your parent doesn't appoint a proxy, a court can appoint a guardian or conservator.

Apart from these legal documents, your loved one should gather and store their documents in a safe place and provide their lawyer or someone else they trust with copies. The documents your parent should collect include birth certificate, social security records, Medicare documents, and others.

If you have any questions or doubts about legal considerations for seniors, please give us a call today! At Comfort Keepers in home care for seniors, we are always available to help!

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