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Comfort Keepers Home Health Services in Reno, NV Testimonials

Hear what others have to say about our home care services for seniors

Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of in-home care provided by Comfort Keepers home health services in Reno, NV—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers home health care agency caregivers and choose to become a Comfort Keeper themselves in Reno, NV.

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"The importance of providing quality care to my 85 year old mother was of utmost concern to me and my husband, especially since we lived 500 miles away from Reno. I wanted compassionate and knowledgeable caregivers with a clear understanding of mutual needs, and daily updates were very important. Enter Bob Redding - the heart and soul of Comfort Keepers. Bob is a man who is gifted and passionate about home care with dignity for our elders. In a rapidly evolving and complex situation (my mother had an aggressive form of dementia), Bob Redding was reassuring and the consummate professional. He knew what was necessary and required at every level of care. Bob handpicks all of the excellent caregivers at Comfort Keepers. Of course, we had our favorites - Tonia and Erin were amazing. They were our eyes and ears and loved being a companion and making sure my mother stayed safe. To say that Comfort Keepers exceeded all our expectations is an understatement. We will never be able to thank Bob and his team enough. Comfort Keepers is a true blessing and for us was an answer to prayer – everything a family could want for delivery of high quality home care."

Leslee P.

"Thank you so much for the assistance you gave us. We were at the end of our rope and didn't know who to turn to. We knew Dad didn't want to go to a nursing home, but we couldn't stay with him 24/7 and carry on with our lives. I was going to quit my job so I could stay with him when Comfort Keepers came into our lives. You were a Godsend."


"I want to personally thank you for taking care of my mom during her last days. Your time with her was special and helped make her comfortable. I have a newfound respect for the care you give people. You are truly special."


"I wish to acknowledge the superb contributions to my mother's safety and well-being made by the people of Comfort Keepers. Not only did you arrange for her care on very short notice, but every caregiver who came to the house was well prepared for her difficult work. Every one of them was compassionate and skilled and added a unique touch to her care."


"How pleased I am with your company, staff, and the services you provide. Over the past 6 years I have had many dealings with care givers for family members. Unfortunately the majority of them have been very negative and completely unsatisfactory. With the"


"Great company to work for. You can tell the owner is passionate about making a difference in the lives of seniors. Treats his employees very well and hires the best!"


"I've been working for Comfort Keepers for over two years and I love it. My boss is fair and very flexible and my schedule is exactly what I want almost all of the time. I have grown in my profession and personally since working here and I attribute it partially to the great team I work with."

Tonia A.

"Except for waiting for more hours, everything has been great! The team has been wonderful and they are great at helping me when I need them!"


"To work for this company is beyond a blessing. To have an office staff who cares and enjoys you and to have clients who appreciate you everyday. They really need people like us and appreciate us so much. I never wake up thinking "ugh work today" because it never feels like work."

Hailey M.

"I was concerned with finding trustworthy caring people who could come into my home and care for my grandmother. I was blessed to find Comfort Keepers. After speaking with the owner, I knew I had found the right company to use. All my questions were answered, they are very flexible with the hours that I needed, and my grandmother adored her caregiver."

Mechele L.

"Recently, our family found ourselves needing 24/7 care for a loved one who was released from the hospital. We had no idea how to get started and had many questions and concerns. The client care coordinator quickly reassured us and set up a free in home assessment. All of our concerns were addressed and by the next day we were set up with a compassionate Caregiver who understood our unique situation. Comfort Keepers has been able to staff our need for around the clock care with professional and caring individuals who truly love what they do. I believe they are the reason why we are all on the road to recovery. THANK YOU!!!"

Julie S.

"We recently had a family member who was released from the hospital and in need of immediate 24/7 In-Home Care. We had so many questions and concerns but the staff at Comfort Keepers put our hearts and mind at ease. They sent out the most compassionate and caring Caregivers. They really knew how to care for our loved one and helped coordinate a binder and a schedule so we were all on the same page. I'm happy to report everyone is doing much better!! Thank you Comfort Keepers!"

Daniel S.

"A primary goal of care management is to match resources to clients’ needs to realize the optimal level of care. As a Care Manager, I have had the opportunity to partner with the Comfort Keepers non-medical personal care provider organization in Reno. I have found them to be immediately responsive to client’s needs; no excuses, just action. They are flexible when responding to changes in the care plan. Additionally they have been helpful in locating additional care resources. If they are unable to provide a requested service their team will find the resource that can meet the service request. Their care givers are not only qualified in their skills and abilities, I have found them compassionate and committed in their care delivery. They are quick to report any changes in a client’s condition and seek advice on the next appropriate steps to be taken. They are particularly attuned to patient safety issues and function within their scope of practice. Going beyond expectations is standard operating procedure for them. It is a pleasure to work with this group of individuals. I look forward to a continued and productive relationship with Comfort Keepers. I never hesitate to refer my clients to them."

Barbara K.

"I am writing to express my most heartfelt thanks to you for being such compassionate and competent caregivers for my father, Art, during the time that he was still able to live at home. Bob, you met with my dad and in such a short amount of time knew his personality and knew exactly who to send from your staff of people that would be best and we could not have asked for two better people. it was so difficult to see him going through these health challenges but such a reassurance to know we had Comfort Keepers there every day."

Diane H.

"I had the pleasure of working with Comfort Keepers for two years and really enjoyed it. They employ the best PCAs in the Valley, they strive for just the right client/caregiver fit, and they'll really go the extra mile for you."

Marcella Cruser

"My wife has Alzheimer's Disease. Comfort Keepers, located in Reno, Nevada, has been assisting me with home care for approximately three (3) years. Owner, Bob Redding, has always been empathetic and responsive to my needs. He has provided us with excellent caregivers this entire time, which has been a significant component in allowing me to keep my wife at home."

George Allison
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