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In Home Health Care Helps Seniors Live Heart-Healthy Lifestyles in Reno, NV

Feb 8, 2018 by Bob Redding

February is Heart Health Month – the perfect reason to take steps needed to reduce your risk of developing heart disease

Nowadays, with the internet and hundreds of TV channels and magazines available to every consumer across the country, there is simply too much information out there. You do not know really who to trust and who is a reputable source. That can be dangerous when it comes to things like heart health. Trusted in home health care professionals can help you find out everything you need to make sure you stay healthy and independent for a long time.

It is no secret that advanced age can be difficult for some. However, no senior should feel shame when it comes to in home health care and getting help getting through the day. Being proactive and looking into in home health care while you are still relatively independent can actually help you stay that way for much longer than you would have been able to otherwise.

In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women. Because February is American Heart Health Month we decided to take a closer look at heart disease, its symptoms and what you can do to prevent and manage it.

What Falls Under Heart Disease?

As you may already know, heart disease is not one condition but rather a catchall term. All conditions of the cardiovascular system fall within this classification. That is a lot of conditions and it includes diseases such as coronary artery disease, silent ischemia, angina, heart attack, heart failure, arrhythmia, heart defects, and peripheral arterial disease.

Are There Known Causes?

Absolutely. In almost all cases, heart disease is caused by poor lifestyle choices. These include unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. Smoking and obesity can also play a major role.

What Can I Do To Prevent It?

There is actually a lot you can do to both prevent heart disease and manage it if you have already been diagnosed. As we already mentioned, in home health care professionals can help you every step of the way on your journey towards better heart health.

Going to the doctor on a regular basis is an absolute must, as is a proper diet an exercise. If you are a smoker, it is advised that you should quit as soon as possible and limit your consumption of alcohol as well.

This February, make the decision to get healthy. Do your research and find out about the in home health care options available in Reno, NV. 


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