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Senior Care At Home: Senior Gardening

Apr 5, 2018 by Bob Redding

Caregivers should consider including gardening with senior care at home services to improve physical health

Spring is here! Finally! Many seniors, who have been cooped up inside during this year's harsh winter, are over the moon about it! Finally, a chance to get out there and do some gardening. However, the children of seniors may not be so thrilled about it, but professional senior care at home could be the answer.

Gardening is thought of as a light activity, so, many people are not aware of the fact that it can be a very dangerous one for people over the age of 65. Seniors are at a much greater risk of falling and activities like gardening could be dangerous for them because of it. Do not worry though. With proper supervision, like professional senior care at home, your loved one can be back out there doing their gardening in no time.

There are many benefits to gardening for older adults. Gardening can provide seniors with healthy produce, but it is also beneficial in many other ways. Let's take a look:


Exercise is important for seniors. It can help them manage their weight and even cure some chronic conditions that plague the senior community like diabetes. Staying physically active also improves flexibility, strengthens our heart and lungs and promotes muscle movement.

Vitamin D Exposure

The best way to synthesize as much vitamin D as we need on a daily basis is to be out in the sun. No supplement can top that and studies have shown that vitamin D can not really be synthesized any other way. Vitamin D helps us stay mobile and works to prevent falls and fractures. It has even been shown to prevent certain types of cancer.

Lower Stress Levels

Living in today's society is stressful and seniors are by no means spared from that. Even the most well off seniors face hardships like the loss of close friends and family members. Moving into a smaller home is also stressful. Having a beloved activity like gardening can really help seniors lower their stress levels and live in much greater harmony.

A Sense of Accomplishment

People of a certain age, particularly those no longer working, have a hard time dealing with a loss of strengths and accomplishments. Gardening is a great way to help seniors feel fulfilled and accomplished.

Gardening is a great hobby. Talk to your loved one about it. But make sure they are staying safe.

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