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Your Loved One Can Pay For Personal Home Care With VA Benefits in Reno, NV

Veterans and surviving spouses can receive benefits and personal home care with Comfort Keepers

Taking care of our nation's veterans is a priority. As we age, many of us will need some assistance to be able to stay in our own homes instead of moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Personal home care is a great option. VA benefits are available and can provide veterans with the financial assistance they have earned to get the home care they need.

To be eligible for VA benefits, your loved one must meet a couple of requirements. First, they must have been in active duty for at least 90 days. At the same time, at least one of those days should be on active duty during wartime. At the same time, benefits are available only for veterans that have been honorably discharged. Further, your loved one must be in need of personal home care and unable pay for it out of their own pocket.

Many may not be aware of the fact that veteran’s spouses are eligible for VA benefits as well. This is can be a tremendous help and comfort for veterans who want to make sure their family is going to be taken care of once they pass.

The care we provide for veterans is the same as that for any of our other clients. Our Interactive Caregiving brand of care can be split into two categories: personal care and companionship care. Personal includes all the help your loved one needs to stay healthy and clean while companionship care rounds off our range of services ensuring that we have a holistic approach. Companionship care includes conversation, meal preparation, running errands and anything else your loved one may need.

The range of services that will be helpful to your loved one will depend on a number of factors - namely the current state of their health and their preferences. We will spend time talking to both your loved one and their medical team to figure out how best be of service to them. Quality personal home care is always about getting to know each client well. It also helps seniors understand that we truly do care for them.

To find out more about personal home care in Reno, NV, please give us a call today! We are happy to assist you in finding and filing paperwork to attain the correct veterans benefits and assistance.

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